James has devoted his life to inspiring and encouraging others to become the best possible version of themselves. He has developed unique and effective programs that enhance human potential, increase personal accountability and help individuals and organizations to solve issues. His talks are geared toward Fortune 500 corporations, colleges, non-profit organizations and federal/state agencies helping them to redefine excellence.



Celebrity Enterprise Speaker of the Year Award Recipient

Amps served in the U.S. Navy (1980 – 1986) where he toured Grenada, Lebanon and Bahrain. There he worked as a communications officer. This exposure has contributed to his success in attracting large audiences comprised of military personnel, government sector employees and Fortune 50, 100 and 500 corporations. Although his primary focus is to deliver clear, action-centered messages when speaking, James is well-known for his ability to provide customized speeches tailored to the audience and organizational needs while delivering a humorous yet engaging talk. Having this ability to immediately connect with his audience makes each session more memorable and effective.


Throughout his life, Amps, with persistence and determination, has undergone a process of endless self-education resulting in his expertise on issues of accountability. Amps is impelled by desire to assist other in facing obstacles head on, to achieve their goals; put ideas into action and help them redefine and improve their lives.


In his book, Speaking to Excel, Amps lays the groundwork for success in communicating in a business-like manner by sharing tips and practical methods used by many professional speakers. This interactive publication delivers a clear and direct message that outlines a simple, foolproof method of developing one’s public speaking skills in a concise precise and exacting manner.