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"Thank you James for making such a dynamic presentation to the Senior..."

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Over the last 20 years, James has developed unique and effective programs that increase human potential, puts personal accountability into action, and assist Fortune 500 companies and individuals to redefine excellence. James is an educator, workshop leader, consultant and author. He inspires his audiences to turn their obstacles into opportunities, problems into possibilities and temporary defeats into permanent victories. James uses his unique life story to inspire individuals to take responsibility for their lives and to approach the game of business as one would any sport with strategy, skill, enthusiasm and a passion to be the best.


Thank you James for your contribution in helping the Office of Civil Rights with its merger into the U.S. Department of State. Your week long training on Personal Accountability in a Diverse and Changing Workforce, presented a greater understanding of the challenges that we all face and how we can, as individuals handle these challenges. We look forward to using your services to assist our employees in "Making Better Decisions in the Moment." Continue to be a motivational force in America!!
Ms. Delia Johnson Director,
U.S. Office of Civil Rights - Washington DC